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1. How do I trust you? How does my information stay confidential?
A Private Detectives can only stay in business for as long as the information given stays confidential. We have been in the field of Private Investigations for a good 15 years, this is from the time that there were not good detective agencies in India. We have been around from the days when professional detective agencies in India didn't exist. We encourage all our clients to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement thereby limiting their exposure. These forms of agreements do really cover the risk of exposure.

2. Do Private Detectives really help and get the job done?
This exclusively depends on the Private Detective or the Detective Agency on engages. Can you imagine the number of cases that we have carried out which absolutely covers all forms of private investigations in the last 1 decades? Its safe to say Yes that a professional private detective in Ludhiana will help you get the data, info or evidence that you are looking for.

3. I used another detective agency in Ludhiana, I was cheated and blackmailed by these guys, how do I know the same wont happen to me with you too?
This new breed of detective agencies in Ludhiana is very common, they give false promises and assure the client of results take the advance amount if money and then don't even bother returning or picking the calls. These unprofessional and criminally minded private detective agencies give the entire industry a bad name. There are certain precautions a new client must adhere to before deciding on any agency in Ludhiana or for that matter anywhere in India

4. What is the usual time frame to complete any case?
Every assignment is unique, every requirement different. When we quote we always make sure we give a specific time frame by which we shall deliver the results.

5. How is the payment made?
Payment can be made by cheque/draft/cash, any form that is suitable to you.

6. How do I get reports?
Reports are given via secure emails and videos/photos and evidence are either given in hard copy or else via the net. We give daily reports as well where the client has this need.

7. Can I be anonymous?
Of course a client can hide his/her identity by not revealing it, we understand that most clients are approaching a detective for the first time and would be reluctant in disclosing their identity.

8. I want to sign an agreement and a NDA.
Of course, we always encourage our clients to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and we make out a formal terms and conditions which we adhere to, which includes our process, conditions, charges, time frame, etc. Upon completion these documents are destroyed in the presence of the client.