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Cases Studies

Extramarital Affairs

Social networking sites have become breeding grounds for infidelity, and it can be difficult for a concerned husband or wife to determine when to worry about their partner's Internet use or Facebook activity, which is why people often turn to MDA to find out exactly what is going on.


In a cheating spouse investigation recently solved by MDA, a concerned wife suspected that her husband was cheating online, using the Internet to meet women and set dates. The client suspected that her husband had several extra-marital relationships being maintained through Facebook, but she did not feel comfortable confronting her husband about his Internet activity.


MDA was hired to determine if the husband was actually cheating, which was accomplished by investigating the activity on accounts owned by the husband. In an attempt to catch the husband in the act of cheating, we gathered information on the husband's likes and dislikes, which allowed investigators to create a case action plan tailored specifically to the this social networking site and the desires of the husband.

We approached the subject through Facebook utilizing an online cheating decoy. The husband fell for the bait immediately, and within an hour had sent personal messages, initiating an intimate dialogue. The husband was completely unaware of the fact that he was under investigation by MDA, and quickly moved the conversation towards more intimate matters. A romantic date was set, and explicit details about what would happen on the date were shared, leaving no doubt about the intentions of the husband.

During the online conversation, the husband was asked if he was single or married. The husband lied, claiming that he was married but separated, and no longer speaking with his wife. The information collected throughout the investigation, including the Facebook dialogues, was reported and presented to the client in a timely and accountable manner. The client used our report , along with evidences, to move forward with divorce proceedings.